Born on April 16, 1993 at Mission: Wolf
Passed away on July 23, 2006

Sex: Female
Lived with Aspen

Whisper was born a black and silver colored timber wolf in the Spring of 1993. Her two sisters, Asha and Tierra were all black in color and all lived here at Mission:Wolf. Her only brother Fenris, died here at the Mission in 1995. Whisper lived in one of the larger enclosures that contained a small water spring. For nearly five years she shared her enclosure with two males named Zephyr and Aspen. She proudly took the role of alpha wolf and did her best to convince her partners that she was one tough wolf they had better not mess with.

In January 1999, Aspen (6 years old), pulled rank on Zephyr (9 years old) and became the alpha male. Whisper teamed up with Aspen to let Zephyr know that he was no longer in charge. Zephyr was moved to another enclosure, leaving Aspen to dominate Whisper. He strutted around with his tail high in the air because he believed he was the big wolf of the pack. Whisper enjoyed his leadership but she continued to chase him away from most of the staff. She was shy around strangers but was affectionate with the people she trusted. We found Whisper on the morning of July 23 and she had passed away quietly during the night of natural causes. Her memory will remain in our hearts forever.