Born on September 30, 1989 in Colorado
Arrived at Mission: Wolf on January 1, 1990
Passed away on October 2, 2003

Sex: Male
Lived with Ghost Dancer, Raku

Yaqui was born in a private breeding facility in 1989 near Boulder, CO. This particular facility is infamous for its horrid living conditions. Thankfully a couple of friends of Mission: Wolf rescued Yaqui from this life when he was about seven months old. These kind people tried to care for both Yaqui and Zephyr but could not for an extended period of time and ultimately re-homed them at Mission: Wolf. Yaqui was known to be a hot-headed wolf-dog that you could hear barking and carrying on at his new companion, Ghost Dancer.

Yaqui’s health started to fail in October of 2003, and after a visit to the vet we learned that Yaqui had Degenerative Mylopothy. This incurable disease is a breakdown of the protective sheath that covers the nerves, causing loss of mobility, faltering organ function, and lots of pain. The staff at Mission: Wolf ultimately decided to put Yaqui down so that he could finally rest free.