Born on April 14, 2009 at Bear Country, SD
Arrived at Mission: Wolf on July 20, 2009

Sex: Female
Lives with Arrow

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Zephir is a female Arctic wolf that was born in the spring of 2009 at Bear Country, a wildlife safari park in South Dakota. She came to Mission: Wolf with her three litter mates and four grey wolf pups who had been raised in the same enclosure. Due to the failing economy, the park had been unable to sell the two litters and no longer had room to house them. At nearly four months of age, they arrived at Mission: Wolf in a horse trailer.

Our lead Ambassadors, Magpie and Abe, eagerly took the pups in. Just as they all began to settle into life at the refuge, tragedy struck, and the pups became ill with parvovirus. Two died in front of us and a third on her way to the vet. Zephir slowed down a bit, but as one of the bigger pups, she shrugged off the virus herself and has grown to be one of the larger females living at the refuge.

Today, Zephir and her mate Arrow now live in their own enclosure away from humans. They are both very shy, and are perhaps two of the most bonded wolves at the refuge, regularly seen sleeping together high up on the hill.