Born on May 1, 1989
Arrived at Mission: Wolf on August 1, 1989
Passed away on October 14, 2004

Sex: Male
Lived with Kestrel

Zephyr was an Alaskan gray wolf born in the spring of 1989. His parents were reported to be wild-caught. He was born on a Minnesota fur farm and as a tiny pup he was traded to an Iowa fur farm. After ending up as an exotic pet in Arizona, friends of Mission: Wolf rescued Zephyr and brought him to Mission: Wolf at three months of age.

For his first few months at M:W, Zephyr traveled with the Ambassador Wolf Program, but this was short lived. At seven months, he was much too nervous to meet new people and eagerly returned to the refuge. He lived with a female mate named Kestral for most of his life. He was incredibly shy and nervous of anything that moved quickly. His coat changed from chocolate brown to a stark white as he grew older. He spent most of his days soaking in the sun on his hilltop perch and playing with Kestral like a puppy.